Landscape Lighting

Artistic Design

We work closely with you to achieve the lighting effect you desire.  Landscape lighting can be both functional and aesthetic. Our experts can assist you in highlighting your property’s artistic focal points.  Likewise, we can help you achieve the right level of lighting for your decks, patios and paths. Your system can be as exotic or as simple as you choose.

Quality Fixtures

We supply high quality landscape lighting fixtures that will retain their functionality and beauty. Manufacturers of quality lighting invest in continued innovation, increasing the choice you have. You can choose the latest in LED lighting technology and effects or regular incandescent lighting.  Wiring, transformers, and all other parts we install are equally high quality so that your landscape lighting system will provide you many years of trouble-free enjoyment.

Energy Efficiency

Our low voltage lighting systems operate very efficiently, consuming far less electricity than regular household electric lighting.  These systems provide a softened and very pleasing level of lighting, adding to the security and enjoyment of your outdoor spaces at night.

Professional Installation

Your installation will be done by in-house trained staff who are experienced in landscape lighting.  They use modern tools and equipment, enabling them to install your system properly and with minimal disruption to your landscape.


Your landscape lighting system is designed and built to allow for future expansion. The lighting beauty and functionality you create today can evolve right along with your property’s exterior.

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