Hydroseeding Services

Save money on your landscaping project by opting for hydroseeding instead of sod.  Whether you are simply replacing your 30' x 30' front lawn, or establishing a new lawn at your rural estate, you should consider hydroseeding as a viable alternative to dry-seeding or sodding. Hydroseeding is typically a quarter of the price of sod, and yields a healthier lawn once established.

At National Capital Irrigation & Hydroseeding we use the best equipment available, combined with the knowledge to properly apply the right products for great results.  We've built our reputation on ensuring this.  We offer our hydroseeding services across the Ottawa Valley from Spring through late Fall.  Our pricing is straight forward and is based on your location, as well as the square footage to be seeded. We'd be happy to answer any questions you have - over the phone, by email, or in person at your property.

People are generally aware of the challenge faced when establishing a new lawn by simply spreading grass seed and then watering it.  Because the grass seed is unprotected, there is increased risk that the grass seed will be washed away, blown away, or eaten by birds before your grass can establish itself.  Hydroseeding addresses these challenges by spraying a water-based mixture of mulch, grass seed, fertilizer and a binding agent onto your prepared soil.  The mulch retains moisture to nourish the grass seed and provides added protection against erosion.  With proper watering your hydroseeded lawn will begin germinating in about a week during the warmest months.  Two to three weeks later you will begin cutting it.  With each hydroseeding job, we provide detailed written guidance on lawn care.

The area you plan to hydroseed should be prepared just as it would be if you were to plant grass seed or have sod laid- with fresh, lightly-rolled topsoil.  If your preparation and grading has not been done, we can often times refer you to a trusted contractor in your area with whom we can coordinate our efforts. It's also a great time to consider installing an irrigation system.  We will often times install a complete irrigation system and hydroseed a property for less than the price of sodding alone, leaving you with the lasting investment of the irrigation system to help establish, and keep your lawn green and healthy for years to come.

For many residential hydroseeding jobs we will be able to give you a quote following a short conversation to understand your needs.  Otherwise, we will visit the site and provide a hassle-free quote.  Let’s talk.