Servicing of Sprinkler Systems and Landscape Lighting

A call to our Service & Maintenance department is a good first step in solving problems with your underground sprinkler system or landscape lighting. 

We specialize in fixing the nagging problems that others don’t seem to completely resolve.  Our technicians are industry trained, with years of experience, so they locate problems quickly and repair them properly.  They make their calls in our service vans which carry test equipment and a full line of OEM parts from the major manufacturers.  

Our pricing is competitive and straightforward, so it’s easy to understand what you will be billed for service.

Maintenance of Sprinkler Systems

It is very easy for existing customers.  Early each spring, each receives a detailed letter and Annual Maintenance Agreement from which they choose the level of maintenance they desire.  These agreements include all information pertaining to the maintenance that will be provided, when it will be carried out, and the cost.  Of course, they save money compared to ordering services separately. Special offers are also highlighted.  

If you are not a current customer, you can join our Annual Maintenance Program simply by contacting us.  With a brief discussion, we will be able to prepare an Annual Maintenance Agreement for you.

All underground sprinkler systems in this area must be winterized each fall to prevent damage from freezing and to keep warranties in effect.  If it is late September and you haven’t scheduled a blow-out and winterization of your system, call us to schedule that. 

Reducing Water Consumption for Sprinkler System Owners

Water conservation is increasingly important.  Significant technological improvements, particularly in controllers (including internet accessed control) and sensors, are affordable and very effective.  We offer sprinkler system audits that will help you identify concrete steps you can take to water more efficiently.  You will be able to decide if there are improvements that you could make which will be promptly repaid by reduced water consumption and related costs. 

Reducing Electrical Consumption for Landscape Lighting System Owners

Electrical prices continue to rise.  In response, leading landscape lighting manufacturers are offering increasingly more energy efficient lighting solutions, including LED lighting.  These new solutions also add significant aesthetic value.  Contact us if this interests you.